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Unlock Your Leadership Potential.

Workshops by Valencore

  • How to Shift Into Optimal Motivation (R) - Master the Science of Motivation

  • DISCovering Yourself and Others: Personality and Effective Communication 

  • How to Avoid Unexamined Mindsets that Derail Entrepreneurs

  • Master Your Personality and Communicate More Effectively

  • Common Pitfalls of Leader Authenticity & How to Avoid Them

  • How to Build a Values-Driven Culture

  • Why Authenticity Matters for Your Leadership

  • The Key to Motivating Others

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Forbes: 6 Authentic Leadership Tips For Overcoming Your Fears


"I recently teamed up with Taylor Peyton Roberts, Ph.D., and Crystal Dujowich, Ph.D., managing partners and co-founders of Valencore Consulting, to deeply examine this topic. They’re both experts on leadership authenticity and have developed an online assessment called the Role-specific Evaluation of Authenticity in Leaders, or REAL. Their valuable insight into the dangers of inauthenticity and how to be a genuine leader has influenced my own leadership style."


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