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Our Offerings



Exercises and research-based frameworks to take your leadership to the next level

How To Build Trust


Do the people you lead perceive you as trustworthy? Are you aware of your team's trust levels, and what to do to build trust in relationships? Trust is central to high-performing, engaged teams.


Yet, in some organizational cultures, people hardly talk about trust!  This workshop is for leaders who want to explore a research-based approach for building and maintaining trust.  A self- and other-rated trustworthiness assessment is provided in support of this offering.  See how your trustworthiness scores measure up to other leaders, and find out if you may be fooling yourself by believing that your team perceives you as trustworthy.

DISC - Personality & Communication


DISCover your personality type and the personality types of your colleagues!  This 8-hour, hands-on workshop first focuses on the "self" and how to interpret the DISC framework, and then secondly it focuses on "others" you work with.  Identify natural tensions that exist between different personality types, where your purest energy lives (e.g., are you a people person? are you focused on results?), and how to communicate with people of various DISC types.

Valencore facilitators have been trained and certified by one of the original authors of DISC, Dr. Drea Zigarmi.  

The Practice of Being Authentic


Each day, leaders experience micro-moments of inauthenticity (hiding your true self, or not knowing what our true core is saying to us), and it often occurs outside of personal levels of awareness.  Being unaware of our own instances of inauthenticity can undermine our leadership capacity, because it means that we are engaging in a form of sleepwalking and are at the whim of our blind spots. This program, featuring Dr. Taylor Peyton Roberts, breaks down some of the initial steps to learn how to practice leadership in a way that maximally aligns leaders’ core purpose and intentions with their behaviors, rather than allowing leaders to fall prey to blind spots and critical micro-moments when they’re faking themselves out. 


In this workshop, learn to:

1) skillfully detect moments when you are being inauthentic,

2) identify the core source of that tension (e.g., competition among multiple selves), and

3) use experiential information to help you lead, and live, more authentically.


Optimal Motivation


If you want to succeed, you want a team that is firing on all cylinders. Learn how motivation works in people and teams by participating in a program based on the new science of motivation. Heighten your team’s engagement and passion for the work being done.  What’s the secret? It’s not up to YOU to motivate others.  Instead, think of motivation as a skill, whereby people can learn to choose and create optimal motivational experiences anytime and anywhere.


This workshop is based on the work of leadership and human behavior expert Susan Fowler. Susan is author of Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work and What Does: The New Science of Leading, Energizing, and Engaging.


Why Authenticity Matters for Your Leadership


Interest in authentic leadership has been trending lately, but have you ever wondered why authenticity is most important for leaders?  When you are leading others, it is critical to understand the difference between the ability and the choice to behave authentically.  If this nuance is overlooked, it can become highly difficult to make good decisions, build trust with others, regulate your behavior with confidence, or operate from clear and purposeful motivations. 


In this workshop we explore some of the main reasons leaders struggle with authenticity in the workplace, and we highlight how being inauthentic can hurt the overall performance of your team.  We invite you to complete our signature leader authenticity assessment, the REAL, and to learn more about your individual style for being authentic.  Interpret your scores and participate in guided opportunities for reflection to identify your strengths and areas of greatest development when it comes to leading authentically.  

Common Pitfalls of Leader Authenticity and How to Avoid Them

Many leaders strive to be authentic, but what does that really mean?  In this presentation, we review what authenticity is NOT, and why this matters, particularly in leadership.  We propose that being authentic should not always be an end goal for your leadership when this means freely sacrificing any of the following: your authority, your personal/professional growth, your ability to gather real feedback from others, or your positive and effective connection with those around you.  We offer a usable framework for better understanding your own authenticity in leadership, and we encourage you to embrace moments of personal inauthenticity as rich, critical incidents to help you discover what really drives you to be authentic--or not--while leading others.

Strategies for Elevating Women Leaders in Your Organization


Despite attempts to increase opportunities for women in leadership, many executive positions are not held by females.  But the proportion of female leaders is rising and is projected to continue to rise in coming years.  This workshop examines common strategies that can be implemented to advance women in leadership while offering new insights and directions, so your organization can draw from the unique perspectives and skill sets women offer, thereby promoting creativity and innovation in your workplace.  Participants will have an opportunity to examine the mechanisms that they have employed in their organizations to advance women in leadership, and they will be invited to also consider aspects of their own leadership that advance and promote this work. 

Attracting and Capitalizing on Millennial Talent


Learn about the top five reasons why millennial talent is hard to attract, retain, and maximize, and then discover how organizational leadership can respond. By identifying common struggles with leveraging a millennial workforce, in this session you will become more familiar with the structures and processes that can break down barriers so you can more effectively promote millennial engagement.  Through exploring increased communication platforms and factors for motivation, participants will learn to advance and capitalize on millennial talent. 

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