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Coming Home to Me

Ever have a day where you feel scattered, stressed and anxious? You may also feel confused when some days feel out of control while others feel calm and collected. If I go a few days without my present, embodied, sensual, and meditative morning routine, I feel like the day is running me; not the other way around.

On days where I skip my morning routine, “To-Do’s” start to become my priority instead of writing from my soul. Rushing off to a meeting starts to become more important than slowly waking up my body through movement. Cleaning the house starts to become my meditation rather than sitting in stillness in my own company.

When I’m in the flow of my morning routines, I set myself up for the day by writing with my colorful gel pens on big blank sheets of paper. I decide how I want to feel that day, choosing digital-free slowness, sensually awakening my body through gentle stretching, enjoying the scent of incense curling through the air, praising the fresh flowers on my desk for being so damn beautiful. Feeling the fresh breeze on my skin while holding my crystals and stones, inspires my body.

When I wander away from these anchoring and clarifying morning activities, my reality starts to feel harder. I fall into subtle, at first, victim mentality. I get judgmental of the person driving slow in front of me on the road. I get easily defeated by unexpected happenings in my day which were once considered pure magic a few days ago. If I go more than two days of rushing through or skipping my morning routine all together, my whole life outlook starts to shift towards hard, challenging, or not as exciting.

I decide to come home: to me.

When I start prioritizing or craving attention from men, friends, or family, I know it’s some part of me wanting MY OWN attention. When I get unclear on how I speak my truth, because I’m doubting or second guessing myself, I know I need to spend some precious alone time with myself.

I come home by dancing, writing, meditating, having loving chats with myself, reading, resting with my hands gently placed on my body, getting outside and admiring the flowers, the birds, and the big limitless sky connected to the big limitless ocean.

In no time at all, I feel more connected to my passions, my work and my friends because I came home to me first. Life is easy if I let it be easy.

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